F.A.Q. - Questions and answers

To counteract pain, find satisfactory solutions for health problems (allergies, migraines, anxiety, etc.) and permit the body to find its own way to healing by restoring balance to internal energy.

A first assessment appointment, followed by the treatment, costs $75. Subsequently, the cost of each treatment is $50.

According to the style of practice that I favour, the number of appointments improves the results much more effectively than the length of the treatments. For example, 4 sessions of 30 minutes each will have more profound, long-lasting effects than 2 times 1 hour. By offering shorter treatments at affordable prices, I increase the effectiveness and benefits of the care provided.

That depends on many factors: the nature, duration and recurrence of the ailments, whether problems are chronic, etc. Usually, 2 or 3 sessions are enough to demonstrate the obvious effects of acupuncture and to help the client decide whether or not to continue with the treatments.

Yes, for each treatment, a receipt is issued in the name of the patient treated.

No, that is forbidden to us by law.

Yes, in accordance with provincial regulations, all the needles used are sterile and disposable.

As preventive medicine, we recommend a treatment with each change of season in order to support the immune system during the transition.

Yes, acupuncture for children often has very quick positive effects. They can be treated using spring-loaded needles that do not go into the skin, a laser, or a few needles of the thinnest calibre.

For more information, see the article  Mon Enfant chez l'acupuncteur (in french) prepared by the Association des acupuncteurs du Québec (click on the article title to read it).

The traditional approach of acupuncture favours the improvement of health and pain relief by balancing the internal energy of the body. The technique goes beyond treating symptoms. It deals with the underlying causes of ailments, and acts on the nervous system to take care of the body as a whole.

Many patients appreciate having an alternative treatment that causes no side effects or scars.

In addition, this is an ancient method of which the effectiveness has been proven in a constantly growing number of clinical studies.

References with clinical studies available on the following web page (in french):  http://www.o-a-q.org/fr/acces-public/l-acupuncture/les-preuves-scientifi...

Since the needles are extremely thin, some patients say they feel nothing at all. In other cases, the sensation is described as one of warmth, tingling, or a slight twinge. It is subjective, of course.

It should be pointed out that the calibre of the needles used in modern medicine (vaccinations, blood tests) are nothing like the type of needles used in acupuncture! Our needles are closer in thickness to a human hair.

Modern medicine: 1.60 to 0.30 mm
Acupuncture: 0.25 to 0.15 mm
Hair: 0.10 to 0.04 mm

If you are frightened of needles and still want to try an acupuncture treatment, feel free to talk to me about it so that I can adapt my treatment to your situation.